Ag is just one voice in the climate conversation


Ag is just one voice in the climate conversation

Illinois Soybean Association’s director of industry relations says ag is just one of many industries focused on the issue of climate change.  

“More than just agriculture has to have skin in this game. We need to make sure that the solutions that are offered are viable and profitable for all involved.”

Jayma Appleby tells Brownfield climate change was the topic of ISA’s 2020 Insights Summit, an annual event that focusses on an issue challenging the ag industry.

She says now is the time for farmers and industry partners to be engaged in the climate conversation.

“A lot of the conversation that happened was around how the power is in our hands right now, but we may not have that opportunity in the future, so it is really important for farmers to have a seat at the table.”

Appleby says most attendees left the summit cautiously optimistic and ready to move forward with solutions that agriculture can be a part of.

Interview with Jayma Appleby

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