Illinois farmer focused on environmentally friendly practices


Illinois farmer focused on environmentally friendly practices

An Illinois farmer says implementing environmentally friendly practices on his farm helps him better care for his land, livestock, family and the public.

Keith Erickson raises corn, soybeans and hogs in Knox County, Illinois. He tells Brownfield several aspects of their operation help the environment and some practices help give their farm a better public perception.

“We just planted a pollinator plot to encourage a good environment and we just put up solar panels, so we are trying to generate our energy from the sun.”

Erickson says some of their other practices are common for farmers but are not noticed by the public as often.

“We try to stay to fertility and chemical standards, watch run-off, and plant CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) acres for barriers and buffers. In the livestock industry we plant wind breaks to try and filter the air.”

Jenny Jackson with the Illinois Pork Producers Association says caring for the environment is one of the “We Care” ethical principles followed by pork producers nationwide and that Erickson sets a good example for others to follow.

Brownfield interviewed Erickson and Jackson at the Illinois Pork Expo in Springfield.

Interview with Kieth Erickson and Jenny Jackson

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