Minnesota Pork 2020 legislative priorities


Minnesota Pork 2020 legislative priorities

The Minnesota Pork Producers Association has two major priorities for the 2020 Legislative Session.

CEO David Preisler tells Brownfield the first is Section 179 conformity, which has faced resistance at the Capitol because of its cost.

“In the first year, it would basically use up about 20 percent of the projected state surplus. But the big expense is in the first year, then it tails off to where there is no expense to the state and becomes really a flat issue after about year four.”

Currently, Minnesota law caps Section 179 expensing at $25,000.  The federal limit is $1 million.

The other big issue for Minnesota Pork this year is securing additional dollars for the Veterinary Diagnostic lab at the University of Minnesota.

“And there we’re looking at increased funding in order to have them be able to more throughput of tests, which we think is really important with some of the threats of foreign animal disease that are out there.”

At the top of that list, Preisler says, is African swine fever.

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