Transparency in field trial data


Transparency in field trial data

Following the EPA registration of BASF Veltyma fungicide in corn and Revytek fungicide in soybeans, BASF worked with more than 1,200 farmers across the country as part of the RevX Fields Program.

During the annual BASF “Science Behind” event held in conjunction with Commodity Classic, Dr. Josh Miller, BASF Technical Marketing Manager told Brownfield that BASF created the RevX Fields program to provide local, relevant and transparent yield results. Sound, technical recommendations for farmers are important and Dr. Miller tells Brownfield growers do not always trust a company’s data and information.

“They have never been to a meeting, I guarantee you, where a company said it had the second-best product. . .Put the products in farmers hands and let them experience it, and make all the results known to anyone who wants to look at it so we can instill a transparency around what we know already and hopefully the farmers will learn for themselves.”

Paula Halabicki, BASF Technical Marketing Manager tells Brownfield feedback from farmers using these new BASF fungicides has been very good.

The RevX Fields program took place during the 2019 growing season following the EPA registration of Veltyma and Revytek fungicides. The program allowed for on-farm data to be gathered so growers could better make informed fungicide decisions. In addition, all RevX Fields were flown using drones by Aker Technology Inc., an independent crop diagnostics and analytics company, to supply growers with normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) imagery and other environmental indicators of their fields near application and approximately seven weeks following application. All results were compiled and updated weekly in an interactive map that anyone can access from the website
Throughout 2020, participant testimonials and featured fields will be shared on the website.

Conversation with Dr. Josh Miller:

Conversation with Paula Halabicki:

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