UPL offers grower solutions quickly


UPL offers grower solutions quickly

Everyone can agree that 2019 was a challenging year for many farmers. 

Tom Mudd is Marketing Manager for corn and soybean herbicides at UPL tells Brownfield there is a lot of weed seed out there from last year that will put pressure on the crop this year.  He advises farmers to get started early with weed control, put on pre-emerge residual products and use multiple modes of action. Do not just rely on post application late in the season.

During Commodity Classic, Mudd and other members of the UPL team focused on learning from farmers what is needed on their farms to be more successful.  A year ago, UPL acquired Arysta, making it the 5th largest ag solutions provider globally and in the U.S.  Mudd tells Brownfield UPL has a production facility, regulatory staff and deep Research & Development, and has the ability to bring new products to market quickly to address grower needs.

Conversation with Tom Mudd, Marketing Manager:

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