ASA president “flexible” in light of coronavirus outbreak


ASA president “flexible” in light of coronavirus outbreak

Commodity groups are coming to terms with the broadening impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

American Soybean Association president Bill Gordon says ASA will have to be flexible.

“We just canceled our ASA board meeting we’ve held every year in Washington D.C. in March. That’s not going to allow us to get out and see our senators and legislators like we’re used to.”

The southwest Minnesota farmer tells Brownfield the Association must get creative in how it communicates with policy makers.

“The world isn’t going to stop because of this, it needs to keep going. But we’re going to have to be way more flexible, we’re going to have to be open for issues. We can’t go international to talk to our buyers.”

Gordon says the outbreak solidifies the fact that relationships in agriculture are key.

“Because if we didn’t have relationships with these countries, trade would stop. And we’re not going to see that.”

Instead, he suggests trade will continue because of all the relationships built in the past.

Brownfield interviewed Gordon from the 2020 Northern Commodity Transportation Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota Thursday.

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