White House scrutinized for mixed MFP signals


White House scrutinized for mixed MFP signals

The Trump Administration continues to be scrutinized for sending mixed messages about the future of the Market Facilitation Program.

House Ag Committee member Angie Craig tells Brownfield she warned Ag Secretary Perdue during a recent hearing that this kind of policy making is unpredictable and unreliable.

“And it’s no way to make farmers run their business.”

The Minnesota Democrat says MFP speculation has run rampant since President Trump tweeted about the possibility of more trade aid last month.

“The irony is during my questioning, the Secretary said he wouldn’t advise any MFP payments moving forward. That’s what he said to farmers. But then in follow-up questioning by journalists just after the hearing, he put the chance at about 10 percent.”

During a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing this week, Secretary Perdue again said the USDA remains hopeful trade with China will materialize and more MFP payments will not be necessary.

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