China releases hormone residue standards for beef


China releases hormone residue standards for beef

China has released proposed standards on residue limits for growth hormones in beef, which are more in line with international standards.

The move is seen as a positive step towards opening the Chinese market to U.S. beef imports. The country previously allowed no residue of growth hormones, which greatly restricted its imports of American beef.

In a recent interview with Brownfield, U.S. chief ag trade negotiator Gregg Doud said he is optimistic about selling more beef to China.

“China bought six billion dollars in beef last year from the world. Our share of that was 86 million dollars,” Doud said. “So if we get this right with regard to the traceability issues and the use of synthetic hormones, I think there’s enormous potential for us.”

China agreed to adopt residue limits for three hormones used in beef as part of the phase one trade agreement.

AUDIO: Gregg Doud

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