Perdue says food system alive and well


Perdue says food system alive and well

Ag Secretary Perdue says the food system is alive and well in the U.S. amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on a Florida radio station Wednesday, Perdue said USDA meat inspectors are on the job, food is being produced, processed and transported even with all the restrictions, and, with fewer workers in some cases, “These are the real heroes out here in the public and private sector who are getting their jobs done in spite of the potential of the coronavirus. The people who are stocking up grocery shelves, delivering the food, they’re the real heroes.”

Perdue says fewer grocery store items doesn’t mean there’s not enough food.

“If you see empty shelves that’s a demand issue not a supply issue.”

Perdue says it’s just that people are stocking up for being quarantined – that there is NO shortage of food.

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