Growing push for cattle industry assistance


Growing push for cattle industry assistance

Several state cattle groups are calling for federal assistance for cattle producers impacted by coronavirus-related market disruptions.

“We would call it more of a cattle market indemnity fund—one-time only for this situation,” says Iowa Cattlemen’s Association CEO Matt Deppe. “The most important piece is that we make folks whole, so they can live to fight another day.”

The Nebraska Cattlemen’s organization says it is also seeking a “one-time beef stimulus” payment for cattle producers. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, in a major departure from previous policy, is doing the same.

Several U.S. Senators are jumping on the bandwagon. South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds says he has submitted legislation to Senate leadership directing USDA to use Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) funds to offset losses cattle producers have experienced in the live and feeder cattle markets.

Rounds wants the language to be included in the upcoming economic stimulus package.

AUDIO: Matt Deppe, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association

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