Keeping producers informed during coronavirus outbreak


Keeping producers informed during coronavirus outbreak

The president of the National Pork Board says one of their priorities during the coronavirus outbreak is making sure producers remain informed.

David Newman, a Missouri pork producer, says pork producers need to know their checkoff dollars are hard to work making sure their farms can remain operational.  “Whether we’re talking about working with their employees, whether we’re talking about providing them with information if there is any type of disruption in their marketing, or feed, or etc.,” he says. 

He tells Brownfield from producers to consumers; they are working to make sure everyone in the value chain has information available to them.

Newman says the updated Pork Checkoff allows producers easier and quicker access to the information they need.  “Our producers have questions, our producers’ employees have questions,” he says.  “And this is about maintaining not just food safety, but, maintaining the integrity of our business.  But, it’s also about ensuring confidence in our consumers that we have a really robust system available to provide pork to put on people’s plates.”

The National Pork Board has updated information for producers available at

AUDIO: David Newman, president, National Pork Board

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