NCGA board member says “we need things to start moving”


NCGA board member says “we need things to start moving”

A National Corn Growers Association board member says corn farmers need for things to keep moving.

North Missouri farmer Gary Porter has just been reelected to the board, says the pandemic’s effects on ethanol and corn cannot be understated, “Corn farmers are predicted to lose $89 an acre on every acre of corn they plant this year if things don’t change. We have to get higher yields. We have to get a higher price. We have to get trade working for us a little bit more.”

Porter tells Brownfield Ag News things are starting to move trade-wise but the NCGA board is pushing for more things to move, “We’ve got to keep ethanol moving and we’ve got to feed our livestock. And, so, these are all things we’ve got to do and improve in order to keep corn farmers from losing that money and at least break even, if not make a little bit of profit.”

Porter is on the NCGA finance committee and represents NCGA with the US Meat Federation.

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