Proposed Senate relief bill includes more aid for farmers


Proposed Senate relief bill includes more aid for farmers

The U.S. The Senate’s next coronavirus relief package is proposing about 20-billion dollars in additional aid for farmers.  Senate Ag Appropriations Subcommittee chair John Hoeven told reporters the 20-billion to USDA goes with the 14-billion already in the Commodity Credit Corporation account from the CARES Act passed in March, totaling about the same amount of relief proposed by the Democrat-controlled House in the HEROES Act.  Hoeven told Agri-Pulse the 14-billion in CCC funds would give USDA about 33-to-35 billion in additional money for farmers.

The Senate package does not increase the Commodity Credit Corporation’s authority, but the North Dakota Republican has said the CCC account would likely be replenished in a continuing resolution later this year.

The Senate bill language is not final as nutrition funding and President Trump’s desire for a payroll tax cut have not been worked out.

Not all Republicans are on board with the proposed new round of relief.  Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson says Congress should not authorize another dime of coronavirus relief until it evaluates what has been spent, determines what worked and what didn’t, and redirects nearly a trillion in relief money that hasn’t been spent or obligated yet.

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