Soybean research becomes more accessible to farmers


Soybean research becomes more accessible to farmers

The United Soybean Board has made state research more accessible to farmers.

The USB teamed up with the North Central Soybean Research Program to redesign the Soybean Research and Information Network website, giving farmers more information that can be applied to their crops.

USB Director Lindsay Greiner tells Brownfield the initiative will help make state soybean research more efficient.

“Farmers can rest assured that their dollars are being used as efficiently as possible,” he said. “When you form a group like that, you eliminate redundancy.”

He said the redesigned website will have findings on almost all soybean related topics…

“Feed efficiency and palatability and increased protein…,” he said.

USB will be meeting next week to finalize their research projects and total budget. Greiner said he expects the budget to be between 70 and 80 million dollars, going towards research, demand growth and other areas.

The redesigned website can be found at

Lindsay Greiner Interview

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