Meat processor president says grants will help


Meat processor president says grants will help

The president of the Missouri Association of Meat Processors says new grants through the Missouri Department of Agriculture will help small and medium processors better meet the growing consumer demand during the pandemic.

Roger Wibbenmeyer tells Brownfield Ag News most small processors have been flooded with business and they are months and months behind, especially those with kill facilities, “If this would allow them to possibly update equipment and make their process go smoother and quicker surely they would be able to run more animals through their facility.”

He says that holds true for non-kill processing plants, “Maybe larger mixer/grinders, better packaging equipment – it’s just endless what we could do to improve these businesses.”

He says the funds could also be used for workforce development. Wibbenmeyer says even though large processors are recovering, the demand for smaller processors isn’t going away. The deadline to apply for the Meat and Poultry Processing Grant program is August 31st.

Wibbenmeyer says they appreciate what the Department of Agriculture has done for the them.

Interview with Roger Wibbenmeyer ^^

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