Favorable weather covers most of the Heartland


Favorable weather covers most of the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, mostly dry weather accompanies near- or below-normal temperatures. Despite some variability in Midwestern crop conditions, corn and soybeans are progressing through the reproductive and filling stages of development without heat stress. Among Midwestern States on July 26, only Ohio reported more than one-tenth of both corn and soybeans rated in very poor to poor condition.

On the Plains, widespread showers continue to reduce drought coverage and intensity. However, some lingering drought impacts exist across the central and southern High Plains. On July 26, for example, rangeland and pastures were rated 43% in very poor to poor condition in Texas, along with 40% in Colorado.

In the South, humid, showery weather remains mostly favorable for pastures and summer crops. On July 26, pastures were rated at least one-half good to excellent in all Southern States from the Mississippi Valley eastward, except Virginia (36% good to excellent). On that date, pastures were 87% good to excellent in Alabama, along with 82% in Florida.

In the West, hot weather continues to intensify, accompanied by mostly dry conditions. Relative to normal, the most significant heat is occurring in the Northwest and Desert Southwest. Although the dry weather favors fieldwork, including Northwestern small-grain harvesting, some rangeland and pastures continue to exhibit signs of stress. On July 26, Oregon led the country with 69% of its rangeland and pastures rated in very poor to poor condition.

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