Scattered drought conditions continue in southern MO


Scattered drought conditions continue in southern MO

A University of Missouri climatologist says the southern part of the state continues to experience drought conditions.

Patrick Guinan says while July rainfall has relieved drought conditions in most of the state, that is not the case everywhere.

“But it’s southern Missouri,” he said. “Southwest Missouri we start to see an intensification this dryness.”

He says reports from farmers have shown dryness issues to be area specific.

“At the sub-county level, one part of the country might be fine whereas another part of the county could be experiencing severe drought,” Guinan said.

Guinan spoke on a MU cattle and forage zoom call last week. He says indicators show a cold front moving into the northern part of the state to end the month and head into August.

Pat Guinan on drought location
Pat Guinan on drought areas

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