New pests to scout for in southern Illinois


New pests to scout for in southern Illinois

Grape Colaspis Beetle

A Syngenta agronomist has been monitoring a couple of fairly new row crop pests in southern Illinois.

Phil Krieg helps manage the Syngenta Grow More Experience site on the Rend Lake College campus. He tells Brownfield growers should be scouting for Dectes Stem Borer and Grape Colaspis Beetles.

Dectes Stem Borer

“Those are two insects that have a larval stage that can definitely have a pretty big impact on your soybeans.”

Krieg says these are late season, virus carrying pests that have a direct impact on yield at the current growing stage.

“They spend their day in the lower canopy so we have to have products that are more systemic right now so that we can get though that canopy and down to where those insects are going to be.”

He tells Brownfield they began noticing both insects at their site a couple years ago and they continue to return.  

Listen to Brownfield’s Managing for Profit program to hear more from Krieg about pest management.

Comments from an interview with Phil Krieg

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