La Nina could result in “character building” fall and winter


La Nina could result in “character building” fall and winter

Brownfield meteorologist Greg Soulje says it’s likely that a La Nina weather pattern could form this fall and continue through winter.

During a La Nina event, the cooling of ocean waters in the tropical pacific, the jet stream causes increased precipitation and cooler temperatures.

“As we get deeper into the harvest season it may become a little bit more problematic with weather systems,” he says. “Early cold could be a problem in parts of the northern and northwest corn belt and probably some early season snow.”

Soulje says it could be a “character-building” fall and winter.

“So it may behoove the producer to get out there as early and as often and when they can to get things going with harvest and clean up this particular fall and winter season,” he says.

He says the La Nina could be slow to evolve into mid- and late-autumn and into winter.

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