Regenerative ag study highlights economic benefits


Regenerative ag study highlights economic benefits

A new study highlights the economic benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Ryan Stockwell with Indigo Ag says they analyzed satellite, ground, and historical agronomic data.

“And what we’ve seen with the growers we’re working with is an improvement in profit of $17 to $26 per acre.”

For a lot of growers, he tells Brownfield that shifts the annual budget from red to black.

Stockwell suggests regenerative farming also helps from a risk management perspective.

“If somebody is experiencing drought, the crops make it longer before showing signs of stress. If they’re experiencing wet weather, we have better field accessibility. And again, the crops can handle that excess moisture more effectively, and still maintain yield.”

He says this was the first in a series of reports focused on regenerative farming practices like cover cropping, no-till, and extended crop rotations.

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