Benefits of “touchless agronomy” in pandemic


Benefits of “touchless agronomy” in pandemic

Digital farming tools are helping farmers navigate through the pandemic.

Clint Pickard is a digital services manager for Granular and Corteva and says, “We call this concept kind of ‘touchless agronomy’.”

He tells Brownfield Ag News many of their tools are there to increase profitability and effectiveness but also now serve the social distancing needs for safety, “I wouldn’t even think about showing up on a farm now unexpectedly. You just don’t do that now. So, that’s a big shift. That’s a big change for an industry that’s been, really, belly-to-belly for hundreds if not thousands of years, right?”

Pickard says they’ve been working to increase their wireless data transfer capabilities, “There’s going to be times of the year where, COVID or not, we can’t physically reach our customer. So, we need to have that ability to provide that best digital agronomy experience over the airwaves.”

Pickard’s territory is Kansas and Missouri.

Interview with Clint Pickard

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