Farmer says August will be telling for soybean crop


Farmer says August will be telling for soybean crop

After getting through a six-inch rain in six hours, Illinois farmer Rob Shaffer is hopeful his soybeans will finish strong this month.

“Our soybeans are made in August for central Illinois where I’m at so if I get one or two more rains this month, we should have a pretty good bean crop,” he says.

He says his 2012 growing season was a good example of what can happen to soybeans in August.

“Even in 2012 when I only raised about 80-bushel corn we got two nice rains in august and I raised 70-bushel beans,” he says. “My corn was already made in July where we didn’t get in rains and mother nature saved our bean crop in August.”

Brownfield interviewed Shaffer during the American Soybean Association’s 100th anniversary celebration in Camden, Indiana.

He raises corn, soybeans, and Angus cattle in El Paso, Illinois.

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