A slight decline in Tennessee crop conditions


A slight decline in Tennessee crop conditions

Crop conditions declined slightly this past week, but overall crops look pretty good.  In West Tennessee, cooler temperatures and drier weather provided excellent conditions for fieldwork, the central part of the state continues to experience some drier weather as crops enter critical development stages, and Eastern Tennessee received much-needed rainfall this past week. 

Sixty-nine percent of soybeans are rated good to excellent with 84 percent blooming and 58 percent setting pods.  Cotton is rated 63 percent good to excellent with 94 percent of the crop squaring and 79 percent setting bolls.  Corn is rated 71 percent good to excellent with 70 percent in the dough stage and 11 percent dented.  Seventy-three percent of tobacco is topped with 51 percent rated good to excellent.

Fifty-seven percent of pastures are rated good to excellent.

Sixty-two percent of Topsoil and sixty-five percent of Subsoil are called adequate to surplus.

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