Central Iowa farmer reports on storm damage


Central Iowa farmer reports on storm damage

A central Iowa farmer says they suffered extensive crop damage from the intense windstorm that swept through the state on Monday.

Schyler Bardole of Rippey says most of their corn is now flat on the ground.

“There’s quite a bit snapped off and there’s some that’s just laid down,” Bardole says. “We had hail with it as well and it stripped the leaves off pretty bad.”  

Bardole says they had sustained winds of 70 miles per hour for ten minutes with gusts over 85. He says it damaged their hog barn and took down power lines.

“There’s bins out in the middle of fields and the Rippey Co-op lost several large bins. And somebody closer to the Ames/Huxley area sent me a picture of his hog barn and it pretty well ripped the roof off of it.”

Rippey is northwest of Des Moines. That’s an area that was already suffering from severe drought.

AUDIO: Schyler Bardole

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