Northern Illinois farmers dodge derecho wind damage


Northern Illinois farmers dodge derecho wind damage

An intense windstorm known as a derecho swept through the northern corn belt Monday and couple of Illinois farmers are thankful to see minimal crop damage.

While scrolling through social media photos of flattened corn fields and downed grain bins in neighboring Iowa, north central (Deer Creek) Illinois farmer Mike Wurmnest tells Brownfield,

“We were on the lucky side. Here we didn’t have too much crop damage and corn took it (the wind) pretty well.”

Northwest Illinois (Galva) farmer David North gave a similar report sympathizing with farmers just west of his farm.   

“It is bad enough to have downed corn and then to have that compounded by having potentially severe storage issues, I cannot imagine.”

Wurmnest and North say aside from needing a bit more rain, crops are looking very good heading into harvest.

Interview with Mike Wurmnest
Interview with David North

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