Impossible Foods CEO on turning back clock on climate change


Impossible Foods CEO on turning back clock on climate change

The founder and CEO of Impossible Foods says eliminating animal agriculture and replacing it with plant-based proteins can turn back the clock on climate change.

Pat Brown was on a recent Danforth Plant Science Center forum, “This prehistoric technology, the use of animals as a technology for transforming plants into meat, fish and dairy products, blown up to a global scale, is the greatest threat to our future that humanity has ever faced,” says Brown, “Eliminating animal agriculture would enable photosynthesis, the original carbon capture technology and still the best, to convert atmospheric CO2 back into plant biomass to restore health ecosystem and wildlife habitat.”

Brown says 90% less ag land would be required but farmers would still be needed as much as ever.

“We’re not going to need to grow more plant crops. That’s something, I get that question all the time. You take animals away you’re just going to have to grow more plant crops. Actually, NO. This year’s soybean crop contains 50% more protein than all the wheat consumed globally.”

Brown says the key to Impossible Foods products is they taste like meat and are nutritionally compatible, especially with the addition of heme iron.

“We’re already competing successfully against animal-derived beef in the marketplace. And our products are only getting better every day while the cow stopped even trying a million years ago.” Brown says most of their customers are meat eaters.

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