Innovation can help address food insecurity, environmental challenges


Innovation can help address food insecurity, environmental challenges

Technology innovation is helping the agriculture industry address food insecurity and environmental and regulatory challenges.

Zippy Duvall is the president of American Farm Bureau.

“These technologies that have been delivered to our farm like gene editing have helped us reduce tillage, improve plant and animal health, and  it has also made us more productive,” he says. “We must continue to encourage innovation in new biotraits and the regulatory process.”  

National Farmers Union President Rob Larew says farmers are more than willing to implement sustainable practices and innovation. But, he says these innovations must also improve their bottom line.

“Bottom line, they can’t continue to innovate and the can’t continue to invest in those new technologies if they themselves as an operation are not economically viable,” he says. “That’s been a real challenge the last several years and it’s not for lack of the wiliness of the farmer to innovate.”

Duvall and Larew made these comments during the Agri-Pulse ag and food policy summit.

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