It’s not too late to scout for crop issues


It’s not too late to scout for crop issues

A DEKALB Asgrow technical agronomist says farmers should scout for stalk quality issues.

Jordan Arndell is based in southern Indiana.

“In corn, one of my favorite things to do is the push stalk test- this is simply walking out in fields and giving multiple plants a good push,” he says. “This helps us indicate the stalk integrity of the plant and how quickly we may need to harvest them.”  

As for soybeans, he says growers should look for plants that are holding leaves and monitor how quickly they’re drying down.  

“This is a really good practice for farmers to do to avoid late harvest or pod shattering,” he says. “This also gives me an opportunity to look at fungicide treatments in both corn and soybeans.”

Arndell says he doesn’t have frost concerns for crops in his area.

Audio: Jordan Arndell

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