Minnesota farmer okay with rain delay


Minnesota farmer okay with rain delay

A Minnesota farmer more than halfway done harvesting soybeans is welcoming a break because of rain.

Chad Willis of Willmar tells Brownfield September had been relatively warm and dry until last night.

“I tend to get a little anxious to get going, and my next bean field was a couple days off and it’s hard to wait. Now this gives me a reason to pause and I can work on some other things for the next couple of days.”

Once it dries up, he says the rest of his soybeans should be fully mature.

“But there’s always something to do (like) get the dryer set up and ready to go for the corn harvest that will follow as soon as we’re done with beans.”

Willis describes his soybeans as average to slightly above and says he believes there’s a pretty decent corn crop in west-central Minnesota.

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