Illinois Corn Growers support Next Generation Fuels Act


Illinois Corn Growers support Next Generation Fuels Act

Photo of Bill Leigh courtesy of ICGA

Illinois Corn Growers Association President Bill Leigh says the Next Generation Fuels Act introduced in the US House by Congresswoman Bustos is the biggest proposed energy policy change since the 2005 Renewable Fuel Standard.

“We’re really happy. We have been working toward a new fuel standard for several years here and I think this is a wonderful first step.”

Leigh, who farms in Marshall County (north central Illinois) says the legislation would create a new high-octane fuel standard, bringing an array of benefits to Illinois farmers and consumers.

“It should increase the amount of corn used in ethanol. We keep seem to be growing a bigger and bigger crop every year and we need to have uses. I think this is a big step for a long term increase in use when the drive for electric is making it look tougher and tougher to be a corn farmer.”

Leigh says auto makers would design engines for higher compression and more efficiency that will cut down greenhouse gas emissions and give consumers more choice.

He says next he hopes to see a couple of legislators co-sponsor the bill as well as a similar bill in the senate to help the legislation move forward.

Interview with Bill Leigh

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