HEROES ACT 2.0 passes House


HEROES ACT 2.0 passes House

The U.S. House has passed its amended version of its HEROES Act COVID economic relief package. It’s about a trillion dollars less than the original passed in May.

National Farmers Union president Rob Larew says it has many provisions members requested during the NFU legislative fly-in, including support for local and regional meat processing, the US Postal Service, farm stress programs and nutrition assistance.

Renewable Fuels Association president Geoff Cooper says the bill, like the first HEROES Act, represents a potential lifeline for the 350-thousand people who jobs depend on “a healthy and vibrant ethanol industry.”

But, the 2.2-Trillion dollar package is not expected to pass the Senate. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin who has been in talks with Speaker Pelosi this week reportedly offered a 1.6 Trillion dollar proposal with fewer unemployment benefits than the House bill.

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