Moderating temps next week across the Heartland


Moderating temps next week across the Heartland

Chilly conditions will persist for several days across the nation’s mid-section, with additional freezes expected across the northern Plains and the Midwest.

Early next week, however, markedly warmer air will overspread the Plains and upper Midwest.

Meanwhile, unusually warm, completely dry weather will prevail across the West during the next 5 days, leading to further drought intensification and maintaining the wildfire threat. Heavy rain should be limited to Florida’s peninsula, although some rain may graze the remainder of the Atlantic Seaboard.

Development of a tropical cyclone appears likely over the western Caribbean Sea; progress of that potential system will need to be monitored as it moves toward the Yucatan Peninsula and possibly into the Gulf of Mexico.

Elsewhere, weekend rain showers will spread from the Midwest into the Northeast, followed by the return of dry weather.

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for the likelihood of below-normal temperatures in the Northeast, while warmer-than-normal weather will cover the lower Southeast and all areas from the Mississippi Valley westward.

Meanwhile, near- or below-normal rainfall across most of the country should contrast with wetter-than-normal conditions in the lower Southeast, northern New England, and the Pacific Northwest.

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