Frost, showers slow Wisconsin harvest


Frost, showers slow Wisconsin harvest

The USDA says chilly, overcast conditions with frequent showers and the first frost for the southern half of the state limited fieldwork.  Many farmers reported applied manure and planted fall crops while waiting for standing crops to dry, especially in the southeast and south-central district.

The corn silage harvest is nearly complete, and only 8% of corn for grain is harvested.  Ninety-eight percent of Wisconsin’s corn is dented, and 80% reported as mature.

The soybean harvest is 18% complete statewide, with 98% of the beans coloring and 88% dropping leaves.  Eighty-three percent of the crop is in good to excellent condition statewide.

Growers are making progress harvesting two of Wisconsin’s biggest specialty crops, as the potato harvest is 79% finished and cranberry growers report variable color, but much better field conditions than last year.

Fall tillage is 11% finished.  Winter wheat planting is now 68% complete.  More than 90% of alfalfa growers are done harvesting the fourth crop.

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