Illinois farmers praise Next Generation Fuels Act


Illinois farmers praise Next Generation Fuels Act

During Brownfield harvest visits, several farmers in Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’ northwest Illinois District expressed pride in her introduction of the Next Generation Fuels Act.

Cameron, Illinois farmer Rob Elliott says the legislation would not only create considerable demand for corn, but also benefits the auto industry.

“What they need is certainty. Certainty that they can make the engines, and have a fuel, and have a market, and have the infrastructure to be able to dispense that fuel in a broad market across the entire country.”

Illinois Corn Growers Association Vice President Randy DeSutter tells Brownfield the legislation includes environmental benefits as well.

“Because it will cut down on green house gases. We will have more fuel-efficient cars. And we will be able to better compete with the electric vehicles.”

Galesburg farmer Jim Purlee says Bustos has been a major voice for the ethanol industry and corn farmers. 

“Forty percent of corn in the United States goes through an ethanol plant. We have to have that industry; it is just vital to the economy and Cheri gets it.”

The Next Generation Fuels Act that Bustos recently introduced in the US House would establish a minimum octane standard for gasoline and require sources of added octane value to reduce carbon emissions by at least 30% when compared to baseline gasoline.

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