Brazil late planted soybeans threatens its corn crop


Brazil late planted soybeans threatens its corn crop

An ag economist says Brazil’s late planting of soybeans is an ‘over-blown concern’.

Seth Meyer is with the University of Missouri.

“They will get in the number of beans they want to get in,” he said. “Maybe it trims it a little bit.”

Meyer tells Brownfield Brazil’s real issue is the corn crop that is planted directly after soybean harvest.

“The more you push that second crop of corn out, the more you risk a smaller corn crop because the moisture either ends on time or early and now your crop is a little bit behind and therefore yields suffer,” He said.

Meyer said Brazil’s second corn crop is mostly for the export market and if it experiences a yield loss or China continues to buy more corn, there will be increased demand for U.S. corn.

Seth Meyer Interview

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