Dairy industry releases Net Zero Initiative


Dairy industry releases Net Zero Initiative

The dairy industry has outlined plans to help the sector become carbon neutral by 2050.

Chairman of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Mike Haddad says the Net Zero Initiative brings together all segments of the industry with the common goal of becoming carbon neutral while optimizing water usage and improving water quality.

“Our customers, heck our employees, and certainly our communities are all wanting to know are we taking care of the earth while we make dairy products.”

Krysta Harden with Dairy Management Inc. says the initiative will help break down barriers and make technology more accessible and affordable for farms of all sizes in all locations.

“The four focus areas are feed production, manure handling and nutrient management, cow care and efficiency, and on farm energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

Haddad tells Brownfield dairy can be a meaningful energy creator and an environmental solution.

“We think we can get to net-zero partly because of the energy we think we can create on farms over time.”

To start, the industry plans to address data and research gaps starting with on-farm pilots and the development of new product markets.

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