AgLaunch: Tool needed to measure carbon


AgLaunch: Tool needed to measure carbon

The innovations lead for AgLaunch says there needs to be more nuance for carbon markets than simply carbon equivalents.

Connie Bowen, speaking on an Ag Tech Next Session, says she thinks the first thing that will be figured out is carbon marketplaces because there’s incentive to do that because of the great potential for capturing carbon in the soil. But, she says farmers need tools to do that, “From a technology investment standpoint, I am MOST interested in technology that actually verifiably and reliably measures and tracks carbon capture and release at an affordable price.”

Bowen says, right now, that doesn’t exist, “There’s not a good solution right now, actually, beyond models which might be a good enough solution. To be clear, I don’t think we shouldn’t use the good enough solution. But, I think it has to work. I don’t know how it works today but I think we can figure it out.”

AgLaunch attracts, creates and grows ag tech startups.

Ag Tech Next is a series of presentations from the Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis.

Excerpt from Ag Tech Next ~ Connie Bowen ^^

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