Lamb sales increase in pandemic


Lamb sales increase in pandemic

The American Lamb Board says lamb sales have increased in the pandemic, “It’s been really surprising and encouraging to see that people are looking for new products, new protein sources. They’re open to trying new foods.”

Serena Ball, a registered dietitian who represents the lamb board, says a recent I-R-I report shows dollars sales of lamb in the U.S. up 30 percent from March to August, compared to that same time period in 2019, “Which translates into an additional 52 million dollars in lamb sold during the pandemic than was sold during the same period last year.”

Ball tells Brownfield requests for recipes on the American Lamb dot com site are way up and so are requests for farmers market materials. She says a lot of lamb is sold locally at farmers markets.

Imported lamb still makes up more than half of domestic lamb sales in the U.S.

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