More than half of CFAP2 funds approved for farmers


More than half of CFAP2 funds approved for farmers

USDA has now given out more than half of the second Coronavirus Food Assistance Program’s funds to farmers.

As of October 25th, the agency had approved more than $7.6 billion.  Payments to corn growers remain at the top of the list at nearly $2.2 billion followed by cattle with almost $1.7 billion, soybeans at more than $832 million, sales commodities at nearly $793 million, and milk at $790 million.

Sales commodities, which include specialty crops, aquaculture, nursery crops and floriculture, and other commodities not included in the price trigger and flat-rate categories, surpassed milk payments for the week while the rest of the top five categories held their spots.

Farmers in Iowa continue to receive the most payments at almost $777 million, followed by Nebraska with almost $518 million, Minnesota with $510 million, Illinois with nearly $506 million, and Kansas pushed out Wisconsin out of the top five states for the first time with payments there totaling $393 million.

Payments to farmers in Nebraska and Minnesota surpassed Illinois for the first time for CFAP2.

Other Brownfield states include Arkansas with nearly $133, Indiana with almost $285 million, Michigan with nearly $213 million, Missouri at almost $270 million, Ohio at $211 million, South Dakota at $352 million, Tennessee with almost $101 million, and Wisconsin with $377 million.

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