Iowa State weed specialist reacts to dicamba label changes


Iowa State weed specialist reacts to dicamba label changes

An Iowa State University Extension weed specialist says EPA’s changes to the dicamba label have not alleviated all of his concerns about volatility.

Bob Hartzler says the biggest change is requiring the use of a volatility-reduction agent. But he says the jury is still out on the effectiveness of those new buffering agents.

“They look good in small-scale trials that the universities have looked at. But small-scale trials are completely different than when you start spraying a product over fields that are a couple hundred acres in size,” Hartzler says. “I’m not totally convinced they will do the job. We’re just going to have to wait and see.”

Hartzler agrees farmers and applicators are doing a better job of managing dicamba. But he says the volatilization issue isn’t going away.

“That’s why I hate the volatility issue—because a farmer could do everything right and then if the wind changes direction the next day, they can be a victim of the volatilization.

“That’s what’s always has concerned me.”

AUDIO: Bob Hartzler

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