Renowned ag economist Barry Flinchbaugh dies at 79


Renowned ag economist Barry Flinchbaugh dies at 79

Renowned ag economist Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh has died at the age of 79.

Flinchbaugh was a professor at Kansas State University and advised members of Congress on several farm bills. He was also a popular speaker at farm meetings around the U.S.

In a 2018 interview with Brownfield, Flinchbaugh decried what he saw as a lack of civility and compromise between the two political parties.

“If you’re an extreme idealogue, you’re really lazy. Because you don’t have to think. You just drink the kool-aid,” Flinchbaugh said. “Where if you’re going to compromise, which is the way the founding fathers set up this government, that’s hard work. There’s no kool-aid.”

Flinchbaugh said he taught about four-thousand students in ag policy at K-State during his career, adding “that’s probably going to be my legacy”.

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