MO farmer sees volatile yields at harvest


MO farmer sees volatile yields at harvest

An east central Missouri farmer says 2020 has been the year of volatile yields.

Josh Johnson says a slow start for corn in the spring caused some yield loss he tells Brownfield compared to last year, his lows are lower, but his highs are higher…

“We’ve got some crops around the 230 mark on a farm that we harvest, and it was just one of those farms that just couldn’t miss a rain all summer,” he said. “So, that was yields we’ve never seen before.”

Johnson says corn yields have come in around 160 bushels an acre on the low end. He says early on, it seemed like he’d have to replant a lot of his corn but…

“We watched it and watched it and watched and it just sat there and sat there and sat there but eventually, most of it became a pretty decent stand,” he said.

Johnson says soybeans have also produced volatile yields, ranging from 53 bushels an acre into the 70s.

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