South Dakota farmer pleased with harvest results


South Dakota farmer pleased with harvest results

Most South Dakota farmers have completed soybean combining and it won’t be long before corn picking is finished. Jason Frerichs says his and other soybeans suffered from a dry August in northeastern South Dakota, but he was happy with the result.

“We saw the soybeans yield roughly in that 40 bushels an acre, and sometimes 50 bushels or more,” Frerichs told Brownfield Ag News from his combine cab, “and that was fairly common talking to neighbors and fellow farmers in the area.”

Frerichs had to sit out of corn harvest for several days after winter weather interrupted fieldwork. He was happy to get back in the combine cab when it dried out.

“It’s a very good corn crop out there,” said Frerichs. “The corn was able to get a good start and took advantage of all the moisture that was up and down that soil profile.”

Corn was averaging 175 bushels and higher, according to Frerichs, adding that irrigated corn was 200 bushels and higher.

AUDIO: Jason Frerichs

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