A look ahead to the next Congress


A look ahead to the next Congress

Even though the House Ag Committee will be under new leadership in the next Congress, the National Farmers Union doesn’t anticipate the committee will lose any momentum. 

Mike Stranz is vice president of advocacy.  “It’s been clear that the ag committee has been empowering more of its members to take on leadership positions,” he says.  “There’s going to be a set of members of the ag committee who will be ready to step up into leadership and the chair.  We’re hopeful on that and looking forward to working with whoever that might be.”

He tells Brownfield the upcoming Congress has a lot of work to do.  “They’ll need to dive in to change what needs to be done in farm policies, what can be done to update our conservation efforts, and nutrition programs,” he says.  “Particularly in light of this pandemic.”

And regardless of who is elected president, Stranz says the next administration will have several ag issues to address.  “Climate legislation is going to be near the top of the agenda

AUDIO: Mike Stranz, National Farmers Unions

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