Farmers and ranchers make time to vote


Farmers and ranchers make time to vote

An American Farm Bureau analyst says once again this election, farmers and ranchers made time to vote.  Cody Lyon is Farm Bureau’s Advocacy and Political Affairs Director. He says, “We know that rural Americans vote in a high percentage anyway. When you look back at previous elections, rural Americans are voting in the upper seventy percentile. You know, it will be interesting to see the final numbers as they come in over the next week or so where the rural vote fit in.”

Lyon says farmers and ranchers view voting as a big part of their life.  Lyons tells Brownfield when the elections are settled, and several new House and Senate members are named to the agriculture committees, they are ready. “As soon as the committees go through the process of deciding who’s going to be on those committees, we look forward to working with whoever is there.”

Lyon says Farm Bureau still has regulatory reform, strengthening the Farm Bill, trade, and broadband expansion as top issues, but until the presidential race is called, it is too early to work on specific policy initiatives.

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