Missouri ag director on the 2020 harvest


Missouri ag director on the 2020 harvest

Missouri’s Ag Director says most row crop growers have had a better harvest this year over 2019. But Chris Chinn says there are areas – like every year – that have had struggles.

“The Bootheel, they’re still harvesting cotton right now. And it is late for them to be doing that but from what I’m hearing it’s going well. In the southwest part of our state they’ve experienced drought-like conditions for quite awhile so they’ve had some challenges.”

Chinn says Missouri’s grape growers have had a tough year, “They had the late spring frost, as we all remember. And, then, mid-season they had some pest pressure come up and while the white grape harvest was happening they had a lot of rain.”

Chinn says she’s confident Missouri grape growers will do what it takes to meet the demand for wine.

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