Study showcases value of corn in pet food industry


Study showcases value of corn in pet food industry

A new study shows $438 million worth of corn and corn products go into pet food products each year.

The study conducted by the Institute for Feed Education and Research, The Pet Food Institute and the North American Renderers Association revealed that corn and corn gluten are the two most used plant-based ingredients in pet food products. Corn is the dominant plant-based carbohydrate and corn gluten meal is the dominant plant-based protein ingredient.

The report says farmers and farm product processors sell $6.9 billion in products to pet food manufacturers each year for ingredients, while an additional $5.3 billion is spent on materials and services from farm suppliers such as fuel, machinery and repairs to make pet food.

The National Corn Growers Association partners with the institute on research projects as well as feed and food industry efforts.

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