Collin Peterson leaves lasting ag policy legacy


Collin Peterson leaves lasting ag policy legacy

A one-time Minnesota lobbyist and ag policy expert says the legacy Collin Peterson leaves behind after losing in last week’s election deserves to be recognized.

RDL and Associates president Dave Ladd tells Brownfield in 30 years representing Minnesota’s Seventh District, Congressman Peterson made a lasting impact.

“The fingerprints he’s put on agriculture policy, the influence he has had. I just really do think that bares reinforcing. We had a good voice in Minnesota for agriculture, and the loss will be felt.”

And Ladd is concerned about a lack of strong voices for agriculture in Washington going forward.

“I think, and this is personal opinion, but there are fewer and fewer Collin’s left. So the pool is smaller and smaller (and) the universe is smaller and smaller for those that have been able to take the approach that Chairman Peterson has been able to take.”

Ladd says Peterson’s legacy also goes beyond agriculture and that he believes the Congressman represented all his constituents quite well.

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