End of harvest in sight for central Missouri farmer


End of harvest in sight for central Missouri farmer

A central Missouri farmer says he hopes to wrap up harvest Thursday.

Isaac Christy farms in Saline and Cooper counties. He said yields have been ‘strong’ overall but tells Brownfield he’d do some things differently. Christy started planting soybeans in mid-April and finished the first week of June.

“If I could rewind the clock, I’d plant half my beans in April, sit out May [and] not put anything in, and finish up the first week of June if I could have my way,” he said.

He said his soybeans planted in May are a few bushels behind the earlier and later planted crop.  Christy says because of a wet spring, his corn couldn’t be planted until May.

“We’re running about 20 bushels above our 10-year APH (actual production history yield) right now,” he said. “So, I don’t think we’ve taken a huge penalty for waiting.”

Christy said he’s noticed some yield loss in areas that were wetter when planting.

Isaac Christy Interview

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