Calmer weather underway across the Heartland


Calmer weather underway across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, cool, dry weather favors late-season corn and soybean harvesting, except in areas of the upper Midwest where snow remains on the ground. Early Monday, some light snow is falling in an area centered on Minnesota.

On the Plains, mild, dry weather is promoting harvest of crops such as cotton, sorghum, and sunflowers, as well as final winter wheat planting efforts. Some areas across the central and southern Plains remain very dry, with locally adverse impacts on winter wheat establishment.

In the South, lingering warmth is confined to Florida’s peninsula. Elsewhere, cool, dry weather favors autumn fieldwork, except in areas where wet conditions persist. Significant river flooding continues in parts of the Carolinas, following last week’s downpours. Major flooding is occurring in North Carolina along portions of the Tar and Neuse Rivers.

In the West, unsettled, showery conditions prevail across the Pacific Northwest, where soil moisture continues to improve. Warm, dry weather covers the remainder of the West, favoring autumn fieldwork. On November 8, the cotton harvest was one-half complete in California and 49% complete in Arizona.

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